Practical Life

Teaching Practical Life
The exercises of Practical Life help children in the following areas:

  • Care of Self
  • Care of the environment and others
  • Develop concentration
  • Builds confidence as they learn self reliance
  • Exercise grace and courtesy


Teaching About Sensory Perception
The sensorial materials promote the awareness of distinction, size, dimension and the ability of the child to understand what he/she is perceiving.


Teaching Math and Arithmetic
Our mathematics area includes concrete materials for the children to manipulate. The basic operations of arithmetic are learned by combining, separating, sharing, counting and comparing these materials.


Teaching Language
Writing precedes reading in a Montessori classroom. The children perfect their motor skills through the use of the metal insets. Sounds of the letters are taught using the sandpaper letters. Our language area promotes oral development with lessons such as rhyming, sequencing, opposites and go- togethers.

Cultural Studies

Teaching Cultural Studies
This area provides exercises that teach science, social studies and geography. The children enjoy learning about different cultures and countries.

We received a 2013 Best of Villanova Award


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